It never “is what it is”
— Founder Brendan Behrens


TWF Behr Company is transforming.  The company built a reputation as a low-volume sub-tier supplier of sheet metal and tube products, but is now in the process of evolving into a free-lance product development company that is focused on helping clients take product ideas and transform them into tangible, profitable products.  TWF-Behr Co. is no long "just another fab shop."  Together with the "innovation center" concept (see vision page for more details), TWF-Behr Co. wants to work with clients to take their napkin, cardboard box, toiletpaper, or whatever sketches and make them into products that they can be proud to call their own.  This is done in a fun and collaborative way to yield the best possible results.  Services of TWF-Behr Co. include creating solid models and detailed design drawings, building production prototypes onsite (our favorite), working with larger manufacturing companies to quote high volumes, and helping to facilitate logistics in production.  TWF-Behr Co. currently resides in Brodhead, WI, where we have a 5000 square foot work space with capabilities in CNC Plasma cutting, MIG welding, tube bending, rapid prototyping, and many other manufacturing processes.

The Team

Brendan Behrens- Owner and Engineer

Originally from Rochester, MN, Brendan graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville with degrees in mechanical engineering and business.  Upon graduation, he started working as an aircraft controls engineer in Rockford, IL.  Additionally Brendan co-founded what is now known as TWF-Behr company in 2010.  In his free time he enjoys snowmobiling, downhill and cross country skiing, competing in triathlons, restoring homes, and believe it or not, watching Broadway plays.

Brad Ryan- Director of Marketing and Engineer

Originally from Byron, MN, Brad graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville with a degree in mechanical engineering.  Upon graduation, he started working as a aeronautical engineer, specializing in jet turbine starter systems.  Brad has always been crazy about the outdoors and trying new things, so much so that he left his job to successfully bike across the country.  Once he completed that endeavor, he co-founded Tahoe Tech Bus in San Fransisco, CA.

Curt Schneider- Director of Design and Engineer

Originally from Appleton, WI, Curt Schneider graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville with a degree in mechanical engineering.  Upon graduation, he started working as a design engineer on off-road military trucks.  In his free time he likes anything to do with auto racing, especially off-road truck racing.  Curt can not only design innovative products that are practical, he designs them to win!

Adam Zabler- Director of Manufacturing and Engineer

Originally from Twin Lakes, WI, Adam graduated with a degree in manufacturing engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville.  Upon graduation, he started working as a cost engineer, optimizing designs for manufacturability for one of the largest on-road truck companies in the world.  In his free time he LOVES biking and doing anything outdoors.  This guy not only smashes the competition on a bike, he can build anything.


My name is Brendan Behrens, I'm the "Behr" in the name, and I would like to tell you a little bit about TWF-Behr Company and how we came to be.  TWF-Behr Company was conceived in mid 2010 by two engineering students, Thomas W. Flately, the "TWF" in the name, and myself, as a design and manufacturing company was going to be different than the rest.  How, we weren't sure, but it was going to be!  We were heavily involved in the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Mini Baja and Formula competition teams at UW-Platteville, which sparked an interest in fast paced design, manufacturing, and testing techniques.  Upon graduation with degrees in engineering, we decided the best way to start a business would be after work doing low volume prototyping in our garages.  Plus, it was an excuse to get to buy some really cool equipment!  But due to a tragic event, my partner and dear friend Tom passed away unexpectedly.  Although I had thought about shutting the doors on a company that had just barely gotten off the ground, I wanted to keep our vision alive.  So, I continued to take small jobs and bought and sold equipment to obtain more capabilities.  Then in January of 2012 I formally established the business.  Shortly thereafter I moved the company from various garage spaces into a 5000 square foot shop in Brodhead, WI, where my fabrication shop currently resides.  I share this space with another company, Jewison Design, who specializes in low cost CNC Plasma cutting.  Upon continuing to do low volume work, primarily specializing in weldment sub-assemblies, I decided I wanted to create a new business model and not be "just another fab shop."  The vision is to be a collaborative design and manufacturing services company that is a catalyst for people to turn their ideas into fun, profitable products!  I look forward to what the future holds, and if you have an idea, connect with us on Facebook, LinkedIn, or on our contact page!